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About me

Hey I’m Vanessa.

I’m a South African graphic designer living in the USA with my lovely geeky boyfriend for the next few years. We moved to California for a fantastic job opportunity for my bf.

While we’re here we hope to:
• travel around the country
• eat lots of bagels and Jelly Belly jelly beans
• adopt a cat (me more than the bf)
• becomes enthusiastic cyclists (for leisure, not racing!)
• learn how to be a unicorn web designer (me)
• become a master web-engineer (him)
• not get American accents
• creatively make our IKEA furniture unique with painting, diy craftiness
• learn a bit of Spanish
• appreciate all the things we love and miss about South Africa
• not go mental after not being allowed to j-walk or cross the road when the red hand is flashing
• understand why American supermarkets are so weird


P.S I also blog for a travel website in South Africa called Getaway. Click here to read my latest blog posts about my travels in the US of A.



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