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04/16/2012 / van berger

Greetings from the USA, land of cookie dough and deep fried stuff

Our first week exploring the city of San Francisco, including the Golden Gate Bridge

Hey there and welcome

As some of you may know I recently moved to the San Francisco Bay area with my lovely geeky boyfriend (D) who was lucky enough to be offered a great job in the Silicon Valley (the IT haven of the world if you don’t already know). Leaving my life in South Africa has been hard, but I’ve been lucky enough to be given the opportunity to live somewhere else which comes with many pros and cons. I’ve lived in both Australia and London in previous years (both first world countries that aren’t that unlike South Africa in many ways). Hence when I moved to the States I was under the impression that things couldn’t be that culturally different in another english speaking first world country…but  boy was I wrong! There have been so many differences (small and large) that have blown our minds! These (and a lack of employment) have motivated me to start Deep Fried USA, where I will hopefully try to share these for prospective future “South Africans in America”. At the same I time I also hope to try to investigate why things are the way they are here for a better understanding of American culture.

My first real post shall be up shortly…

p.s yes there will be a few pictures of gross deep-fried american food on here for all those hopefuls!



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  1. Jen Thorpe / Apr 16 2012 13:16

    Can’t wait!!! Hooray Van!

  2. lexi berger / Apr 16 2012 13:36

    You already sound american “hey there and welcome” haha. But this sounds cool! Will definitely keep reading! Xx

    • van berger / Apr 16 2012 13:49

      haha ja…i do have a few things that I’ve picked up unfortunately. All I need to add at the end of the post was “have a nice day” 😉

  3. marisa / Apr 16 2012 13:56

    Yay! Bookmark for sure 🙂

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